Saturday, February 27, 2010

1st Day @ Pangkor Island

Last CNY my family decided to have a short vacation at Pangkor Island. At first, my mother wanted to go to Redang Island but then since it is too far from Kedah so we picked Pangkor Island instead. We arrived at Lumut Jetty at 1pm. Then boarded the ferry at 1.15 pm and it took around 30 minutes to arrive at Pangkor Island jetty.

So, at the Jetty... *snap snap.. Biasa la.. bawa my baby.. harus la belajar kan.. Sangat-sangat lah x pandai lagi ..

Adik aku wat muka kekwat.. haha.. Shafinaz, sila komen.. ekekekeke..

My brother who always try not to look at the lense. Tak kisah lah.. Janji snap.. The backround pic was too bright since I didn't know what to adjust to make it better.

My mother was questioning about how are we going to fit into one taxi (there were 5 of us) during the ferry trip. When we arrived there, it was quite out of the question since the taxi (the pink van) was more than able to fit us in. Haih.. She always worried about things. Well, maybe that how mother always act. The charge to our resort : RM15.

The Beach Boy hut.. We went to the boat trip and snorkelling by using their service (it was the nearest). The boat trip and snorkelling charge : RM 15 per pax.

The fish (ikan bawal I think).. We had this 'ikan bakar' during dinner.. It wasn't yummy enough to us. The stall name is Beach Boy (yeah .. the same name with the hut.. family business? I don't know).. Bukan jahat ya.. Cuma berkongsi..


S.A said...

okeh...pinat dh mai...hahah..vangga ja nama de...huahuahua...dia mmg...ska wat muka kelat...haha...

MY said...

haha.. laju ja sampai.. cm tau-tau ja nama anda disebut..
kan .. haih.. dia smpi x larat nak posing dah.. ekekkeek.. nasib la dpt akak cmnie..

S.A said...

hahah...haruslah...gmbr tu 1 kewajipan...hihi..

MY said...

tue la pasal... penat usung kamera.. harus la tgkp..


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