Thursday, December 31, 2009

Welcome 2010

I'll be at home during the eve of New Year 2010. How lovely.. Hope my mum is not angry at me anymore.. haish.. I am lucky to have my younger brother to be my shining armor at home for the weekend. You got that right.. He is like my mum's blue eye boy. Double strike there!!

I never made any solid resolution for the new year.. Hmm.. so let see.. MySpace

Justify Full
I am so short tempered sometimes .. especially when I am hungry.. Who doesn't.. How to resolve that? Hmm. By eating regularly, right?

So, my study? Let's live it blank. Of course everyone wants to finish their study.. To all my friends who read this, please don't ask about my study. Questions like "Biler nak habis study?", "Biler nak grad?". Soalan2 cmtue lagi menambahkan tekanan dari soalan "Biler nak kahwin?". I know better. SO,please stop questioning.

Less shopping.. Hmm.. I am a good shopper MySpace . So, it's not a problem at all.

Eat less. In a formal way - eat a proper diet. I always say I need to stay fit since I am a bachelor. Haha.. lousy excuse. But still it sounds good to me.

Happy New Year to all readers...

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