Thursday, December 3, 2009

Please.. Diet mode come to me..

This entry is just about me.. Nothing to do with others..

I seriously need to shed some weight.
I just started working last month and I told myself to control my eating habit (like I eat much) since I'll play less badminton at night. To my horror I felt like I had put on so much weight. Well, thinking back, it is most probably due to the nasi lemak that I had for breakfast almost every morning. It really terrifies me. MySpace

Starting this December, I swear to myself, there will be no more nasi lemak for my breakfast.. I'll try to eat less than usual since I play game less. My goodness.. huhu.. I am so desperate to shed some weight.

Good luck Maisarah Yusoff!!!

p/s-Alhamdulillah.. tonight did play badminton. Tapi nak gerak malas sgt. Mmg la dah nampak petanda nak membesar dengan sihat.


zafirah alias said...

good luck! hehe

MY said...

hoho... thnk u thnk u..

LuN said...

good luck, my!
jgn hangat2 tahi ayam udah (mcm org yg tgh menaip komen ni)


theQueen said...

are u sureeee da naek berat? last time i see u maseh lagi sekerempeng je :P

MY said...

haha... time tue ak x kerja lagik... ni sudah bekerja.. tapi nnt ang jumpa ak dah ok kot.. Amin...

ngah bersungguh ak control makan..

MY said...

lun : hehe.. so far so good.. tapi dtg weekend ja agak goyah nafsu makan... adoi..


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