Monday, December 14, 2009

Org Emas :: PC Fair ::

We met this gold guy at the PC Fair KLCC on 5th Dec 2009. It mush be tough for him since he couldn't even crack a smile.

We went to PC Fair with one objective, which was to buy a camera. My old one broke down last couple of weeks. My bad.. We got lots of free gifts. We were given 3 umbrellas and 3 mini fans for each of us. So everyone got their stuffs.

Then we bumped into Celcom Broadband. They were like competing with Digi broadband which was located beside Celcom. So many people in blue shirt. So, I dropped by at Celcom to listen to what they have for promotion since I am going to need a broadband. I need to pay RM150 for the start. Then monthly, I am not sure. RM88 I think. It is still expensive for me. Huhu.. So we headed over to Digi. It is quite cheaper. For the start, you need to pay RM100. Then monthly only RM58 (that is for the student price.. woohooo). The plan says for the 1st month, I need not to pay any fee. Only for the 2nd month I have to start paying. As for the Celcom and Maxis, I heard sometimes they have like hidden charges (Pardon me if I am wrong). But then, I definitely do not want to take the risk. Might as well I try the Digi Broadband. So far so good. Let's wait for the bill later to check..


zafirah alias said...

scary tgk org emas tu. macam mime. huhuhu

MY said...

a'a..mmg scary.. 1st time tgk depan mata.. b4 nie nmpk tepi jln ja kat bukit bintang.. then tgk dlm tv.. majalah 3 ke aper tah..

btw.. mime tue aper wan..

zafirah alias said...

my, check this out

MY said...

ooooo.. got that..


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