Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Nasi Lemak @ Warongkita, KL Sentral

ok.. I had survive almost one month without nasi lemak.. thank goodness.. But then yesterday the rule was broken. Adoi.. It's ok.. It's just one plate. Later I can go back to the track. Fingers crossed.

Nasi lemak kari ayam & Nasi lemak ayam goreng kampung

We had
  • Nasi lemak kari ayam : RM7.00
  • Nasi lemak ayam goreng kampung : RM8.50
  • Teh C tarik : RM2.30
  • Milo panas : RM2.50

p/s - The food was nice..


Jacko85 said...

teh tarik di tawau disebut teh nai... nai=susu

MY said...

hoho... dah official jadik org sana ke nie..


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