Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Kursus Kahwin?

Date : 19 & 20.12.2009
Venue : Kompleks Kejiranan Presint 16, Putrajaya

Last 2 weeks, my dear and I went to the Kursus Pra Perkahwinan which was organized by the Al-Shahir Management <-- do click if you are intended to attend the course. It was actually my plan to go since I heard the rumor that next year the course will be held for 3 days + test (I'm not sure in what form is the test). But then of course my dear was forced to come along..

On Saturday, it started only at 2.30pm until 6.30pm. During the registration we had to pay RM80 for attending the course. Throughout the 1st day, it was fun. I really mean it. Macam ustaz tue ckp, 'kalau pi kursus kahwin 3 kali pun xper. Kalau majlis lain ke.. mcm dengar khutbah solat Jumaat khusyuk sampai x bangun2 dah.' On the 2nd day (9.30am-6.30pm), it was quite slow except for the 1st one. The ustazah delivered her speech very well. Perhaps it depends to the topic. There were so many inputs that I learned-not so sure how much that I had digested.. huhu. They said it is a sin if the wifey sleeps earlier than the hubby.. (at 1st I was like OMG).. It's like we need to serenade our hubby with beautiful songs. MySpace For people like me who were not gifted with beautiful voice - pasang radio boleh? toink toink.. Then kalau t'tdo? haha..

This one really had taken my interest.
The most active organ for women is the ear. You heard that right!! So, listen men out there. Take good care of your ladies hearing. Try to mouth out sweet words if you do not want to have any argument with us. Tapi kalau lupa tarikh hari jadi mmg x dapek nak nolong lah kan. Ustazah tue ckp kalau lupa pun sekali seumur hidup ja. Ingat yer!!

As for the men, the most active organ is the eyes. Adoi.. patut la mata tue kadang x nyempat2 nak tgk. So, the ladies always need to look presentable all the time. Not only outside of the house, but inside the house as well. Pesan lagik.. ' Jgn la asyik nak pakai baju kelawar ja sepanjg masa.. takut disangka mak kita pulak.'.. MySpace

As for the documentation.. There were so many things that need to be prepared before the big day. Mine is not to be seen yet, so I did not really focus on that stuffs. One thing that I remembered which is HIV test's result only valid for 6 months. Ngeri ja dengar HIV test. The speaker told us that, do refer to the Jabatan Agama 1st before heading off to the Klinik Kerajaan or hospital to do the test. He informed us that the test is only performed on certain days. God knows. As for the others, pls refer to the expert.

The course certificate can be collected after 2 weeks. If you are lucky maybe you can get it in one week earlier.

wink wink (^.^)v .. Alhamdulilah..


cikin said...

kawen betol2 nnt jgn lupe jemput cikin tau.
semangat nak datang neh.

MY said...

lmbt lagik cikin... insyaAllah mesti jemput!! tapi x tau bila.. hehe

Mohd Hafizd said...

kawan aku organize rm60 jer kt masjid klcc...huhu

MY said...

pitya : lahai.. klu ak tau ak pi sana.... tapi putrajaya is much nearer to my place that time..


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