Thursday, December 24, 2009

Just Sign Up With Nuffnang!!

woohoo.. finally after like 30 minutes studying the layout and the HTML code in order to insert the Nuffnang adds it was a success.. clap clap... cheers for myself.. MySpace

OMG.. it felt like going back into uni, went into the C+ class (pengaturcaraan C? - In UKM, the code subject was STPD something something).

Here are some steps to add the Nuffnang add (since mine was quite different from the tutorial that is shown at the Nuffnang tutorial. Just to share some.

1. 1st of all, of course you need to log in or sign up if you haven't created any blog yet.

2. At the Dashboard page, click the layout tab to view the layout under the blog that you wanted to add in the Nuffnang ads.

3. Then click the Edit HTML link.

4. Add in the Nuffnang ad script that you wished to add. You can choose which type of ad that you want or you can even put in all of them.

The skyscraper ad script

The rectangle ad script. This ad will be inserted between our posts in the blog.

5. When everything is done, click the 'Save Template' button to update the blog template.

*note: If you wish to preview your edited template, you may do so by clicking on the 'Preview' button. Please take note that you will see an error message inside the Nuffnang advertisement area and this can be ignored. The error message will not be shown once you have saved the template (source).

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