Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sushi Bonanza!! late update.. huhu

MK & Wan

Wan.. learned how to hold the chopstick

Igun posed with the plates .. haha..

I know it's been weeks that Sushi Bonanza was over.. Me, Igun, MK and Wan went there on 14th of October 2009. Now only I have the chance to upload the pics to publish them.

It was their first time (as claimed by both MK and Wan) that they never had sushi before. So, I brought them along to the Sushi Bonanza fair. It won't harm anyone since it only costs RM 2 for each plate. Yippeee..

See.. they were struggling with the sushi. FYI this boy Wan (on the right) does not eat the seaweed. The pic shows that he's trying to peel away the seaweed.


Dania Razali said...

mesti klakar abg Mk ng wan blaja cmne nk pgg chopstick.


nadey said...

nape xajak!!!!!!!!!!!!!! uwaaaaaaaaaaa

MY said...

dania : a'a.. dah tue muka sorg2 macam kena paksa ja makan sushi..

mmg sgt comel..

nadey : haha. next time.. time tue nak g, g cmtue ja..

Mohd Hafizd said...

lamanyer tak makan sushi king~~~

MY said...

yer pitya... mmg sgt yummy.. makan x ingat ler time bonanza itu..

Dania Razali said... patut record time die nk mkn sushi tu. hahaha.

MY said...

hehe.. x menarik sg.. sebab slow ja wan mkn.. mkn pun sket.. tapi Abg MK mkn paling sket lah.


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