Sunday, November 8, 2009

Pisau Cukur - A Must Watch Movie!!

Pisau Cukur is definitely a must watch movie.. I really heart Fazura so without any hesitation I went to the cinema to watch the movie. Maya Karin's acting was good. Of course la kan.. She is a well known actress. Overall, I think the movie was superb. Memang gedik habis Fazura ngan Maya Karin. Aaron Aziz of course as charming as always. Oh my Coach!! Haha.. Eizlan Yusof still looks handsome in his age. Redza Minhat (gigi besi- that's what Maya & Fazura called him in this movie) who acts as Faqir did a very a good job here. Nabil appeared in several scenes and yes, whenever he appeared he made some funny actions. Norman KRU pun ada at the beginning of the film. He is the millionaire in the program 'Who Wants To Marry a Millionaire' which was participated by Maya Karin (Bella) but he chose Nabila instead of Maya.

The scriptwriter or whoever created the storyline or the dialogues or whatsoever that has any connection with the scripts was brilliant. I highly recommended you guys and girls to go and watch this movie. Kudos to them. It is 3.40 am in the morning. I am so excited about the movie till I couldn't wait to blog about it. wink wink (^.^)v....

p/s - Panas!!! <--- Fazura tagline
- Instead of 'Oh My God'... Fazura said 'Oh My Coach/Prada/Gucci/Louis Vuitton'. And there is a scene where Aaron Aziz laughed at her when she said those tagline. So cute!! 'Dear' pun Fazura tukar jadi 'Dior'..


Mohd Hafizd said...


Dania Razali said...

makin PANAS saya baca post ini.


MY said...

pitya : yes.. do go and watch this movie.. it won't be a waste..

dania : PANAS!!! mmg panas..

Fazura mmg comel n gedik dlm movie nie..

law said...

It is always great to hear ppl enjoy the movies that we worked on..

Pisau Cukur is definitely a class of its own...Not a typical Local film..

To see some interesting behind the scenes pics..

check out :


MY said...


U guys did a terrific job.. Pisau Cukur is so not a typical Malay film. I really enjoy the movie.

law said...

Thanx MY,

Great to hear that!!!

Should Spread the word!!!

zafirah alias said...

wah. nak tgk! thanks for the info my. ^^

MY said...

harus tgk.. hehe.. enjoy..


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