Friday, November 13, 2009

Micheal Jackson - This Is It

Last Wednesday Wani, Dania & I went to Alamanda with the intention to watch Pisau Cukur. It turned out it was sold out with not even a single seat left for the show, so we decided to watch This Is It. It was my 2 nd time though watching MJ but then it was good, so no harm. The movie started at 7.30, so we were late for 15 minutes already. Haish..

Throughout the show, I was really amazed with MJ. He was so polite, not even a part he raised his voice. Cakap pun sopan ja. Very soft spoken. He kept repeating 'that's why we have rehearsal' and 'with LOVE' when he wanted to redo some part or to make any corrections with the crews. His songs were never out-dated. They were like brand new to my ears. It is pretty sad, he went away too soon. Such a lost. His concert would be extremely extravagant.

I am not a real huge fan of MJ since I do not know his entire songs. While watching this, I found that 'They don't really care about us' was very catchy. They made the dance very awesome with the army robotic style. A nice one. But then the missing part is, the movie didn't show much (or none?) of his famous move - the moonwalk. Haih..


LuN said...

hye, my. success dgn coding tu?

MY said...

success success.. nnt My wat entry itu.. haha


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