Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Going Back Home vs Shopping??

SHOPPING!!! It was so much fun.. As usual lah kan.. Never in my life when I went shopping I'll feel terrible except in certain cases .. Esok dah nak balik umah. So, I decided to buy something.

Those 3 Fossil stuffs are for the 2 young men and a lovely old man in my life.. (my dad daa). Thinking back, I think Fossil brand doesn't suit my dad. Adoi la.. huhu. Tapi ayah ak kisah ke ngan branding nie?

For myself.. (^.^)

My mum? Lum dpt .. Hopefully will find something in a nick of time.. InsyaAllah.

p/s-Credit to Lun .. hehe. Happy engagement Lun!!


LuN said...

TQ mai! ur invited. so dtg la kalu ade kesempatan.


theQueen said...

hahahhha.sah2 sebab susah kan nak cari kat mak hg :P dpt bli ape? btw slmt hr raya! :)

MY said...

lun : x dpt g.. huhu

nico : mmg sgt susah la.. tapi dapat la jugak sandal tuk my mum.. lega ak.. at least suma org dpt hasil.. haha.. slamat hari raya jugak!!


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