Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Wedding @ Putrajaya

Last 11th October, we went to K.A old school friend's wedding which was held at Putrajaya. I don't remember the hall's name but it is situated next to Maybank (located in front of Palace of Justice). It was tough at 1st to search the place since we never thought such hall for wedding existed in Putrajaya. Ingatkan tempat tue untuk pejabat2 ..x pun kerja sj. There was no bunga manggar like we used to have or some kind of mark or mini signboard to direct us to the reception place from far. Thanks to the technology that we called handphone, we managed to fine the place.

This boy is so cute. Initially I was about to take the photo of the bird cage while K.A was chit-chatting with his friends. But then the boy came by, and I snapped some photos. He seems to like it. Then he stayed and posed a few shots. Haha.. Nasib comel. Then finally he said 'dah la'.. shy shy cat upanya.. isk isk...

This is a shot of K.A waiting for the door gift.. hehe. He certainly likes door gifts or anything nicely wrapped and cute.

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Anonymous said...

owh.. neh kenduri wan kan?


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