Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tongkeng Ayam??

It was my 1st time to hear such a word of 'tongkeng ayam' when I accompanied K.A to his colleague's open house (Sis Rita). They told me it is the part of the chicken butt.. Betul ke? huhu.. Then my friend told me it is the part of the chicken's neck. So, which one is correct? haih.. Unfortunately I didn't snap the picture (segan.. bukan member sendiri nyer open house.. haha)

A fraction of his colleagues

Friendly cat. After each snap she climbed step by step.


Anonymous said...

penah dgr x lagu jalil hamid...
mkn tongkeng ayam nanti mulut xreti diam...yam!!!
hahahha sedap org kg nadey masak bende tu siap jadi hidangan istimewa..n hasilnye ndy byk mulut

MY said...

pernah nadey : ala... haha.. Kak My pun dh suka ngan tongkeng ayam tue.. abis la sy..


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