Friday, October 9, 2009

Estee Lauder Makeover

On 27th August, I received a sms from Estee Lauder regarding a complimentary of a makeover in September since it was birthday. I was like .. yippeee.. I never been to one, though I did receive this kind of smses before. So, I decided to try this one. hoho.. I called to make an appointment with the Estee Lauder Parkson @ KLCC on 30th September. I requested a natural make up (simple one) since I am not a make up junkie.. Last day lak tue. So, I made a move from Bangi at 10 am since the apointment was at 11 am. Upon my arrival, I was welcomed by Miss Rachelle. She was the one who did my make up. Best jer rasa org make up kat kita.. She did it very smoothly. xder kasar2 pun. I must say I like the finishing.

She did my eye with the dark blue eyeliner. This is new for me ok.. I nak apply eyeliner pun fail. Blue lak tue. On that day, I was wearing the purple shirt with colourful shawl. So, maybe that's the reason she did my eye with the purple eyeshadow. Oh ya blusher.. OMG.. cantik jer dier apply.

I asked her how can I get the makeover done by them in the future. She said they don't charge for the makeup but we need to purchase 2 items or at least RM150 minimum then only we can request the makeover. I never knew about that.. huhu.

Ok. Here are another stories about 2 ladies that I met or watched them purchasing the Estee Lauder items during the process.

1st lady - A working lady (@KLCC I presumed). She asked about something about the voucher that she obtained . I'm not so sure about what. Something redeemable I guess. Then she was told that the mini samples were not available at the moment. But then, after she left, Ms Rachelle called her back (on the phone, after checking the items) telling the lady that they did hv the samples in stock. So, the lady came back to the counter. She asked about pouch since the minis were wrapped in plastic bag. Unfortunately, there was no pouch. As a result, the lady walked away without purchasing the items but mentioning that she will come some other time. Pheww.. all for a pouch. But still, if I were her I would do the same. haha..

2nd lady - A tourist. She bought lipsticks after asking us which colour suits her best. Then she made a mini tour and end up with another item. Upon finalizing her shopping, she asked for samples for all the items that she bought. 3 items but she requested for so many samples. Good one.

I did learn new stuff over there.. haha.. which is always ask for samples. Never did that before. Haih. So, after I finished my makeover, guess what I did.. I asked for the eye cream sample since my eyes are so hydrated. ngeee. That was my very first start.. woooohooo..


theQueen said...

shhhoooot! makeover FREE tu!
jeles bak guer :P
mana gambar nye kak. itu yang penting XD kihkihkih

MY said...

haha.. free thing mmg best kan...
alahai.. gmbr tue ..huhu. x nampak sgt those make up since ak x bw camera.. pakai handphone ja..

zafirah alias said...

nk tgk gmbr jugak. hahahahaha. mesti lawa.

MY said...

haha.. nnt ak korek maner yg nampak..


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