Saturday, September 5, 2009

Muvit Muvit !!!

This fasting month (2009) could be the best time ever I had in my life so far (minus the Ramadhan I spent at home). Every midnight (around 12 am) 5 of us would go out searching for food. As for tonight we had our supper at kedai mamak in front of Metro Kajang. I had nasi lemak <-- highly="" not="" recommended="" span="">. One of us (Dania) even had made the lists of the places that we had tried so far. I always tried koewteow goreng during the muvit2. But still I couldn't find one that I like the most. Will keep searching !!

So here are some details about the members .

Me : Still looking for the best and yummy koewteow/mee goreng.

MK : Rarely eat during muvit2 but will 'tapau' the food for 'sahur'. But then after he got @#%^# he does not 'tapau' anymore (so far). Crazy about 'Teh C'.

Wan : Practising neutrality concept. He oftenly keep quiet and agreed with whatever suggestions that had been voiced out by ~~normally me, since I am the pilot (plus the others always mention ' tak kesah ') hehe.. He always tried his best to join us even though when he had futsal practises or meeting. Busy man!!

Dania : Never miss food!! Her choices of foods keep changing.

Reena : Always need to wait a bit longer since she had moved to another block (final stop). Never miss to finish her food even though her stomache was full enough to fit in anymore.

5 of us so far. Other people like Abg Lan, Abg Airil, Kak Maz, Kak Lisa, Ummi and others had joined us once in a while. It was fun ~~..

p/s - Sadly I could not join the 'break fast' tomorrow.



Mohd Hafizd said...

bestkan~~~ nseb bek housemate aku sume takdo..kalo ado, jd mcm last year la..kuar dkt2 nka abes sahur...hahah

kalut abang2 tuh masak~ pastuh tak sodapppp...hihuuuu

awan dania said...

jgn risau. nnt i uploadkan pic2 byk2 ek?

MY said...

pitya : haha.. ak sahur susah bangat nak bangun. bangun ja imsak pun dah abis. so terpaksa amik alternatif makan lewat.

biasa la.. bukak puasa pun klu ramai2 mkn kat gerai pun jadi x sedap sgt.

dania : haha.. lagik jelesh.. xper. xder rezeki I.

theQueen said...

haih. sini aku tatau mana pegi sahur..kol 10 pon sume dah padam. isk.

MY said...

nico : waaa.. windu tul kat ko.. xper.. ko leh test ko nyer kepakaran memasak.. hehe


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