Monday, September 21, 2009

Trip balik SP yg sgt la x besh!!

Salam to all bloggers..

Nie nak cita sket pasal trip balik td yg sgt lah x besh!!!~~Dalam kul 8 mlm td kitorg selamat sampai umah from Pantai Remis. We went there to visit one of our relatives. Perjalanan tersebut sgt lah memenatkan.. Plus bosan yang amat since the traffic was extremely terrible. B4 masuk highway lagik dah jam. Raya mode nya pasal, everyone was like chill ok.. Tapi our parents dah start membebel. Haih.. Dlm nak mengharungi kesesakan lalu lintas itu la, ngan radio x dpt lak nak detect frekuensi yg bagus. Bunyi bising ja dengar. Adik ak ckp nak masuk sempadan nie.. sebab tue susah nk dpt yg clear. Ok la.. Accepted.

Finally after around nearly 1 hour I think, we managed to pass the toll. Initially the traffic was clear, then suddenly the 2 lanes became 3 lanes. Traffic getting slower and slower. Serius x suka those yg drive masuk laluan kecemasan. X patut la. Be patient. Org lain pun bayar tol jugak. Geram tul. Yang tue pun leh jadi faktor penyumbang kesesakan lalu lintas gak. Nak kata x bertamadun, most of the cars sgt lah superb. Gaji G.R.A sedekad pun x lepas nak byr keta2 tue (postgrad students sure tau G.R.A tue aper). MySpace Nak kata x berpelajaran.. hmm susah gak. Nak kata x tau.. amik lesen cmna nie. Reti membaca, melihat dan mendengar kot.

p/s - Org lain pun guna highway jugak.. Org lain pun byr tol jugak. MySpace
p/s/s - Jam sebab ader trailer terbalik rasanya. By the time sampai leh lak bateri kamera abih.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Selamat Hari Raya

Wishing all of you
..Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri..
..Maaf Zahir dan Batin..

Let's forgive each other on these lovely Raya days..

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

:: 09.09.09 ::

09.09.09.. It is a very beautiful number. 'Super nice' as quoted by my friend..

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Muvit Muvit !!!

This fasting month (2009) could be the best time ever I had in my life so far (minus the Ramadhan I spent at home). Every midnight (around 12 am) 5 of us would go out searching for food. As for tonight we had our supper at kedai mamak in front of Metro Kajang. I had nasi lemak <-- highly="" not="" recommended="" span="">. One of us (Dania) even had made the lists of the places that we had tried so far. I always tried koewteow goreng during the muvit2. But still I couldn't find one that I like the most. Will keep searching !!

So here are some details about the members .

Me : Still looking for the best and yummy koewteow/mee goreng.

MK : Rarely eat during muvit2 but will 'tapau' the food for 'sahur'. But then after he got @#%^# he does not 'tapau' anymore (so far). Crazy about 'Teh C'.

Wan : Practising neutrality concept. He oftenly keep quiet and agreed with whatever suggestions that had been voiced out by ~~normally me, since I am the pilot (plus the others always mention ' tak kesah ') hehe.. He always tried his best to join us even though when he had futsal practises or meeting. Busy man!!

Dania : Never miss food!! Her choices of foods keep changing.

Reena : Always need to wait a bit longer since she had moved to another block (final stop). Never miss to finish her food even though her stomache was full enough to fit in anymore.

5 of us so far. Other people like Abg Lan, Abg Airil, Kak Maz, Kak Lisa, Ummi and others had joined us once in a while. It was fun ~~..

p/s - Sadly I could not join the 'break fast' tomorrow.



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