Monday, August 17, 2009

SUKEM volleyball

Girls team

Girls and boys team


tadaaaaa.. everyone in position.

This pic is taken during the break time requested by the opponent team.. haha.. a pose is always a must when there is a camera. Thankz to abg ghani (credit : abg lan FB)

I had a blast during my last weekend (15-16.08.09) with my volleyball college team mate. We scored silver (aimed for a gold but not our day perhaps). MySpace Love you girls. Our guys team won bronze.. hehe.. At least we beat them. cherrio to all of you. Kudos to all Kolej Keris Mas players and supporters who came by even though the weather was extremely hot and sunny. A big thank you to Kak Maznah and Kak Lisa as well. Great to have you two back there. To our dearie manager a.k.a coach MK : perhaps the coaching thingy ain't never enough. MySpace Not to forget to our lovely Abg Aji n Ieka.. Yummy 100 plus.. haha. Abg Lan and Abg Ghani- thanks for dropping by. Now it is recovery time from the sunburn after effects.. sigh..


LuN said...

congrats, babe
i tot ape layg silver bile tgk ur stat kt fb. men volley rupenye..
err, netbal xde? hehee

MY said...

hehe thankz lun..

netball lum start lun.. bulan feb tahun dpn.. this time berperingkat lak UKM wat.

awan dania said...

our dearie manager?
wow gitu

MY said...

dania : biasa la.. credit lebih sket.. haha

Anonymous said...

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MY said...

wish you a happy day as well..

thankz for dropping by.


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