Monday, August 10, 2009

SETEM : jilat lekat pos

OMG.. Setem is really an awesome movie.. full with laughter.. Bront Palarae is the most awaited actor -- at least for me.. haha.. He did not speak much, only playing with his lighter, acting cool all the way and made his move with guns and grenades. I do like Que Haidar's character in SETEM-- becoming obsessed with driving car after he was forced to drive Joe's car (by mistake of course since he is blind in the movie). As for the rest of the movie, you can read at her blog.. Setem has a happy ending for all the characters and not to forget some moral values that can be learned.

p/s - double thumbs up!!


zafirah alias said...

thumbs up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! best gila!

MY said...

yer setuju!!!!!!!!!

nadey said...

nadey gelak besar tgk cite
paling besh bile bront baling bom
mmg stylo
hahahahhahah seyes

MY said...

kan nadey... macho abis bront..
tembak pun guna dua2 pistol..
abih peluru trus amik bom.. haha
tapi x best la mati kena bakar lak..

cikin said...

yes!mmg thumbs up!
sgt besh!
dlm wayang duk gelak jek.

MY said...

cikin : haha.. boleh bayang la korang nie duk gelak dlm wyg tue..


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