Saturday, August 22, 2009

Durian Party 2009

Date : 09th August 2009
Venue : Camp site, Taman Wetland Putrajaya
Event : Durian Party 2009 by Orogenic Group of Companies

Perhaps it is not too late for me to update this entry. We attended a durian party upon invitation by my dear. They have durian, rambutan, manggis, nasi lemak, chendol etc. The chendol was like a hit that day since the queue was endless. In the morning, puppet show was held for the childrens. It was quite boring (haha) when the story got dragged all the way. A bit OTT. Then, the MC announced that Amelya from AF3 was going to perform. OMG!! I adore her. Snapped some pics with her at durian stall.. hehe. As for the finale, a magic comedy show was held. This one was really hillarious. Mr. Durian (the magician with afro) was good at communicating with the children and the adults as well.

..We had fun.. MySpace

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