Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Day Break Fast @ Food Junction

ngeeee~~ Thanks a bunch dear..

Our menu yesterday for break fast was Thai Cuisine. Since we were at Midvalley from the late afternoon, we decided to break fast at the Food Junction. The food court was not so crowded, lucky us. We took our seat by 6.30 pm. Then made a mini tour around, but still since my eyes were set onto the Thai Cuisine at first, other foods did not bother me at all.

p/s - By posting this entry make me feel hungry odi. Tonight I plan to have Nasi Beriyani.. yosh..


LuN said...

happy fasting, my

MY said...

happy fasting to you too lun..

panda said...

teringat ikan pari kat mid valley...

MY said...

meg ... ikan pari tue kat ner.. sedap ek..


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