Sunday, August 30, 2009

Happy Merdeka Day!!

Happy 52nd Merdeka Day to all Malaysian!!


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

2nd Day Break Fast @ Rasa FC Alamanda


My 2nd day of break fast was at Rasa Food Court Alamanda Putrajaya. I was looking forward to the Nasi Beriyani that I had last year during Ramadhan as well. But to my avail, the stall was nowhere in sight anymore. haih. There goes my nasi beriyani. Then I opt for Teppanyaki. A safer choice since my stomache was singing and dancing like whatever odi. My dear picked Nasi Kerabu. Yummy. I always fancy Nasi Kerabu. Kurma was served at every seated table. Good service!!

p/s - I miss Nasi Kerabu Wan Atiq..
- the rest of the weekdays bukak puasa sendiri.. huhu

Sunday, August 23, 2009

1st Day Break Fast @ Food Junction

ngeeee~~ Thanks a bunch dear..

Our menu yesterday for break fast was Thai Cuisine. Since we were at Midvalley from the late afternoon, we decided to break fast at the Food Junction. The food court was not so crowded, lucky us. We took our seat by 6.30 pm. Then made a mini tour around, but still since my eyes were set onto the Thai Cuisine at first, other foods did not bother me at all.

p/s - By posting this entry make me feel hungry odi. Tonight I plan to have Nasi Beriyani.. yosh..

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Durian Party 2009

Date : 09th August 2009
Venue : Camp site, Taman Wetland Putrajaya
Event : Durian Party 2009 by Orogenic Group of Companies

Perhaps it is not too late for me to update this entry. We attended a durian party upon invitation by my dear. They have durian, rambutan, manggis, nasi lemak, chendol etc. The chendol was like a hit that day since the queue was endless. In the morning, puppet show was held for the childrens. It was quite boring (haha) when the story got dragged all the way. A bit OTT. Then, the MC announced that Amelya from AF3 was going to perform. OMG!! I adore her. Snapped some pics with her at durian stall.. hehe. As for the finale, a magic comedy show was held. This one was really hillarious. Mr. Durian (the magician with afro) was good at communicating with the children and the adults as well.

..We had fun.. MySpace

Friday, August 21, 2009

Happy Ramadhan

Finally Ramadhan is here.
Tonight, I made it through the 1st night of Terawih prayers at UKM Mosque.. Alhamdulillah.

Happy Ramadhan to all Muslims out there.
Let us do more good deeds.

Monday, August 17, 2009

SUKEM volleyball

Girls team

Girls and boys team


tadaaaaa.. everyone in position.

This pic is taken during the break time requested by the opponent team.. haha.. a pose is always a must when there is a camera. Thankz to abg ghani (credit : abg lan FB)

I had a blast during my last weekend (15-16.08.09) with my volleyball college team mate. We scored silver (aimed for a gold but not our day perhaps). MySpace Love you girls. Our guys team won bronze.. hehe.. At least we beat them. cherrio to all of you. Kudos to all Kolej Keris Mas players and supporters who came by even though the weather was extremely hot and sunny. A big thank you to Kak Maznah and Kak Lisa as well. Great to have you two back there. To our dearie manager a.k.a coach MK : perhaps the coaching thingy ain't never enough. MySpace Not to forget to our lovely Abg Aji n Ieka.. Yummy 100 plus.. haha. Abg Lan and Abg Ghani- thanks for dropping by. Now it is recovery time from the sunburn after effects.. sigh..

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A Story About A Primary School Trip

Please take note. This is a true story (edited version).

Last weekend, my school's teacher brought us along to the Spell It Right competition which was held at the Technology Park Malaysia (TPM). We were there as the supporters for our friend who took part in the competition. I was very excited because in the tentative it was written that we were going to visit Aquaria KLCC. Seriously you can not imagine how excited I was. I had told my brother, who is working at the KLCC, that we could catch up there perhaps for a quick meet.

We departed from Jitra around 11pm on Thursday. On Friday the teacher brought us to visit Nilai 3. I am pretty sure all of you out there knew what they have there. After that, we were dragged to IKEA, which is another spontaneous plan (is it?.. or is it had been planned initially by the elders). As a result, the Aquaria visit plan earlier was canceled due to the new spontaneous plans that were planned by our lovely teachers. As the second result, I could not meet up with my brother.

On Saturday (the day the competition was held), my two dear brothers came to catch up with me. A short meeting I suppose since I was kinda quite scared to go out. haha. End of story about about my brothers. Let's move on to the story of the school kids' trip story. So, we were told that we were going to visit Cameron Highland. How lovely~~.. Then in the late afternoon, our lovely teacher (again) brought us to shop at Sogo - a very nice place for us, Standard 6 pupils to visit. Earlier, we went to visit National Museum. That sounds nice right. I saw that as a sign that we could never got the chance to go up to feel the cold air or to visit the vast tea farm at Cameron Highland.

p/s - who got the most advantages from the trip?

Monday, August 10, 2009

SETEM : jilat lekat pos

OMG.. Setem is really an awesome movie.. full with laughter.. Bront Palarae is the most awaited actor -- at least for me.. haha.. He did not speak much, only playing with his lighter, acting cool all the way and made his move with guns and grenades. I do like Que Haidar's character in SETEM-- becoming obsessed with driving car after he was forced to drive Joe's car (by mistake of course since he is blind in the movie). As for the rest of the movie, you can read at her blog.. Setem has a happy ending for all the characters and not to forget some moral values that can be learned.

p/s - double thumbs up!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Mode : Sad @ Sedey ...

Hmm.. my watch shows the time is 11.30 am.. My best friend is about to fly to Sarawak to pursue her dream career.. I couldn't make it to send her away at the airport.. huhu.. nanti balik umah xder member nak lepak dah.. sob sob.. MySpace terlebih lak..

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Kek Lapis yummy~

Just now went to pick up the kek lapis Sarawak which I ordered through one of the blog owner, who came with black Myvi..Thankz ya for sending it to my college.. The cakes look so yummy.. just ordered 2.. The price is including delivery.. hehe I like.. She told me, there will be another trip of order which is by early September I think. ngeee..

p/s- dah xder rezeki nak g sana.. pesan pun jadik lah...


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