Saturday, July 18, 2009

Manchester United vs Malaysia

So, Manchester United won 3-2 against Malaysia. I was there!!!! I am really glad I could make it to the game.. It was a really heavy traffic jam from Sg. Besi toll towards the Stadium. Not so sure how to describe the game but still, it was Manchester United dude. Of course it was something. We got in around 10 minutes after the kick off. The stadium was full with people, mostly clad in Red Devils colour. All the fans were so overwhelmed by the presence of the Man U team. They kept screaming for Owen's name even though he was on the bench during the 1st half. Perhaps he was the hi-lite of the night. Giggs as well.. Though Man United players played half-paced (it seems that way to me), and only played a bit more serious after the game was tied 2-2, it was still a nice game.. haha..

Kudos to Amri Yahya.. bersungguh dia lari try to score the 2nd gol against the keeper. Nani's sommersoult jump after he scored was stunning (biasa ja rasanya). Tapi kalau player Malaysia pun ada gaya cmtue mesti menarik.. ngeee. Oh ya.. Owen scored the 3rd goal, breaking hearts all the Malaysians fans. But then it was worth it for all his fans, who screamed his name when he made his debut into the field.


Chan said...

walaupun msia kalah 3-2, gua tetap bangga dengan msia. MU pun cuak sebentar lepas amri yahya skor gol ke-2.

ada harapan utk msia nih. =)

MY said...

yup.. after 2nd goal baru nampak man u cm main bersungguh sket..

there is always a hope after all for our team..


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