Wednesday, June 24, 2009

A Relay

Monsters vs Aliens : Funny.. we were thrilled when Hugh Laurie's name appeared on the screen. Since we didn't read any review or about the casts, we could only keep guessing which character he was in. Alas, we only managed to find it at the end of the film. It was Dr. Cockroach.

17 Again : Zac Effron looks cute in the movie. Not a big fan of him, but then he did well. That's what I thought.

State of Play : Went to watch this at Pavilion. A very confusing movie. Pusing-pusing.. Till the finale, the Pointcorp had no ending. Another story came up instead. Thanks to my friend for not being fussy.. haha.. you know who you are..


::@FiQ said...

besnyer..sume tuh bes kan..tpi aku lomsmpat tgk lgik...

MY said...

hoho..menarik.. ntn2 boleh tgk aper.. download pun ader..


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