Friday, June 26, 2009

MY Stila~~

Last weekend my friend and I went to Lot 10 ..looking forward to the Youthopian event. Sadly it was canceled. Then we turned our direction to Pavilion. Been dying to buy something from Stila since my last visit at the Gardens. I had heard about the promo of buying 5 Stila items for RM50 from other bloggers. So, fingers crossed we went ahead to Stila @ Parkson and ngeeeeeeeee.. I did manage to grab some.. yippee for RM50.. so worth it. Luckily I am on a budget. Kept reminding myself to buy what is needed only. pheww..


theQueen said...

uit...ko beli apeee?
ak tringin nk bli dier pny eyeliner do :P

MY said...

hoho.. if ak g nnt, ak g tgk ader lagik x.. tapi tinggal kaler brown, blue n green ja.. so, ak amik brown.
yg lain tue moisturiser, lip glaze ngn tinted moisturizer.. nnt ak nak pi lagik, ak roger.. x pun ko pesan ja kat rumet ko. suh dia usha parkson klcc..

K.A said...

saya nak satu, color pencil stila ada x ? ngee ngee... :)

MY said...

dear nak ke.. nnt sara g tgk yang kaler biru ngan hijau tue.. cun gak..

zafirah alias said...


MY said...



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