Friday, May 15, 2009

Some say..

Some say 'bukan xda duit..xda rezeki'..

Some say 'belum sampai seru'..

which one is better?


theQueen said...

ni kes kawen ke ape? O.o
kenapa mesti 'some say'
i think what you say shud matter most :)

MY said...

that's very direct if I put the 'you say' instead.. 'some say' would represent people in general.. maybe men I suppose.. haha

ak slalu ckp xda duit.. but then semlm my fren ckp 'duit ader..rezeki je xder'.. sian dier..

Mohd Hafizd said...

xsmpi tgh buat preparation dr segi financial..heeeee

MY said...

pitya.. good to hear that.. haha.. plus elaboration lagik.. a good point indeed..

panda said...

just said what u feel..
tu yang penting..

MY said...

meg: ahaks.. tul tul.


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