Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nasi Minyak !!

Date : 02.05.09
Event : Wedding reception

So yesterday we had nasi minyak at Kak Amirah & Naeemah kenduri .. I strongly believe those are nasi minyak. Correct me if I'm wrong. My dear & I started our day with double delight, mango juice & caramel machiato (not sure the machiato correctly spelled or not) at Village Mall. Then we head off to Kak Amirah's wedding at Tmn Ria, Sg.Petani with Farid (a friend of K.A from Saina as well). Upon our arrival, the bride & bridegroom were having their 'makan beradab', which is surprisingly a very good concept, because after that they can 'jalan-jalan' & meet the guests. Never I saw any 'pengantin' eat that early. We waited for another trip to arrive, took some pics, then we went to pick Huda to continue our day to Naeemah's kenduri.

Quite a journey..with the rain.. huhu.. It reminds me of Farid's umbrella that I left at Naeemah's home. Sorry.. Then again..2nd round of nasi minyak.. They had char koew teow freshly fried during the reception. And laksa not to forget. By 6pm we went back to Sg.Petani, drop Huda at home, then dinner time!! My dear treated me & Farid with Secret Recipe. I had lasagne (my1st time).. org belanja, ok je la anything pun.. hehe.

p/s- sadly I didn't get to meet my friends.. schedule clashed.. hope I can make it on 06.06..


panda said...

banyak nyer u makan...

MY said...

meg : nasi minyak nyer pasal.. makan jugak la.. haha.. tapi 2 kenduri nyer dish combine jadik 1 lunch ler..

LuN said...

lewat ka?
patut pn x nmpak

MY said...

loone : hmm tue la.. silap timing..

Mohd Hafizd said...

hmm..rmainye dah start kawin...hihi

MY said...

pid ya : yup.. this two months non stop wedding..


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