Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet him again..

Just finished watching ハチミツス と クローバー (Honey & Clover) drama.. I watched this drama because of Toma but then at last I fell in love with Nomiya instead. The drama started at a very low pace but luckily towards the finale, it began to pick up. Then I googled the actor (Nomiya) and it turns out it was Kashiwabara Takashi who outcast Nomiya character. OMG.. He was the guy that we girls drool over when we were in secondary school. During that time, I remembered Shima sensei (not sure which sensei.. at that time yuka sensei mo iru) brought Itazurana Kiss to be watched. We would wait eagerly to watch the drama. Tak leh blah la time tue.. Kashiwabara is so cute.. As I grew up older, looking back.. I really can't believe I watched that drama.. huhu..

But then now as Kassy grew up, he looks much better.. much more handsome and stylish. Love his character in Honey & Clover.. So cool and gentleman I must say.. with his deep husky voice really make me stick in front of my lappy to watch the drama to the end.
Love his look with glasses btw. Can't wait to watch his other acts.


theQueen said...

walaupun aku tatau citer nih tapi aku paham perasaan suke gile tak ingat tuh XD i have one of my own, after all >:D

MY said...

betul betul.. rasa cm dah tua sekejap bila ingat zaman skolah dulu.. yg smpi leh giggle tiap kali muka this guy kuar kat tv tue.. or even time dier wat gaya2 yg melt the heart.. haha

LuN said...

yo my!
yeah! i stil rmmber that story.
itazurana kiss.
shima sensei bg kite tgk ramai2 kt bilik tayang ke ape ntah

MY said...

lun : haha. mesti ingat la.. cm nak rak tgk citer tue.. mmg slalu ditunggu-tunggu.. ngelat nak blajar pun ada..


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