Friday, May 29, 2009

Off to Redang Island

Tonight by midnight I'll be off to Redang Island.. waaaa.. Sooo excited (even x excited sgt, but still buat2 excited jugak).. If not, my weekend won't be fun. kan kan..

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Angels & Demons

I enjoyed watching Angels & Demons since I was really looking forward to watch this particular Dan Brown's piece. Thankz to the kids. The show was really awesome.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Yummy @ Shangri-La Putrajaya

--Yummy yummy--

I Love Food..

Venue : Shangri La Putrajaya
Camera : Master Liew (of course ler~~)
Photographer : Me.. MySpace

So here are some of the food/dessert that was served during our short 'bengkel' .. I only took pics during the 1st day since the 2nd day, the dessert was quite the same..

p/s - If you want better pics (better editing).. have to wait for Master Liew to edit the photos 1st.. bz bz..

Sunday, May 24, 2009

:: Night at the Museum 2 ::

Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian is hillarious.. full with laughter from the start till the end.. Love Amy Adams from Enchanted..

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Meet him again..

Just finished watching ハチミツス と クローバー (Honey & Clover) drama.. I watched this drama because of Toma but then at last I fell in love with Nomiya instead. The drama started at a very low pace but luckily towards the finale, it began to pick up. Then I googled the actor (Nomiya) and it turns out it was Kashiwabara Takashi who outcast Nomiya character. OMG.. He was the guy that we girls drool over when we were in secondary school. During that time, I remembered Shima sensei (not sure which sensei.. at that time yuka sensei mo iru) brought Itazurana Kiss to be watched. We would wait eagerly to watch the drama. Tak leh blah la time tue.. Kashiwabara is so cute.. As I grew up older, looking back.. I really can't believe I watched that drama.. huhu..

But then now as Kassy grew up, he looks much better.. much more handsome and stylish. Love his character in Honey & Clover.. So cool and gentleman I must say.. with his deep husky voice really make me stick in front of my lappy to watch the drama to the end.
Love his look with glasses btw. Can't wait to watch his other acts.

Friday, May 15, 2009

Some say..

Some say 'bukan xda duit..xda rezeki'..

Some say 'belum sampai seru'..

which one is better?

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Maxis did it again!!

Really pissed me off... it's been days Maxis nie wat hal ngan ak.. I did call the hotline number and the person who talked with me gave me the 'manual reset' for the network selection or something.. To make thing worse, I couldn't even find the reset thing.. so I end up reset everything.. All the 3G, MMS and bla bla were deleted. except pic and others. Still I couldnt call my dear.. dengki tul la.. I used my Celcom number to call pun couldn't get through.. saper dengki nie.. My hp is just an ordinary hp .. x canggih pun.. MySpace

Stupid Lame Maxis!!

Stupid Lame Maxis.. Ingat tgh mlm takder nak bz.. time2 tue lah nak wat hal.. Stupid Maxis.. .......

STupid again!!! Tekno nie makin canggih ke makin aper..

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day

Here I would like to wish my mother a Happy Mother's Day.. Have fun yer kat umah.. I'll be back by 6th June.. InsyaAllah.. your son balik dulu yer..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kenduri Naeemah

-Awat la Huda ni tinggi sgt.. haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Nasi Minyak !!

Date : 02.05.09
Event : Wedding reception

So yesterday we had nasi minyak at Kak Amirah & Naeemah kenduri .. I strongly believe those are nasi minyak. Correct me if I'm wrong. My dear & I started our day with double delight, mango juice & caramel machiato (not sure the machiato correctly spelled or not) at Village Mall. Then we head off to Kak Amirah's wedding at Tmn Ria, Sg.Petani with Farid (a friend of K.A from Saina as well). Upon our arrival, the bride & bridegroom were having their 'makan beradab', which is surprisingly a very good concept, because after that they can 'jalan-jalan' & meet the guests. Never I saw any 'pengantin' eat that early. We waited for another trip to arrive, took some pics, then we went to pick Huda to continue our day to Naeemah's kenduri.

Quite a journey..with the rain.. huhu.. It reminds me of Farid's umbrella that I left at Naeemah's home. Sorry.. Then again..2nd round of nasi minyak.. They had char koew teow freshly fried during the reception. And laksa not to forget. By 6pm we went back to Sg.Petani, drop Huda at home, then dinner time!! My dear treated me & Farid with Secret Recipe. I had lasagne (my1st time).. org belanja, ok je la anything pun.. hehe.

p/s- sadly I didn't get to meet my friends.. schedule clashed.. hope I can make it on 06.06..

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Tomok Won!!!

I am sooooo glad that Tomok won the OIAM.. Huhu.. I am a huge supporter of Amylea but since she got voted out, my head turns to Tomok. I must say he really improved and changed a lot since the beginning of his career with New Boyz.. Perhaps in a better way.


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