Monday, April 13, 2009

Wong Solo - Indonesian Cuisine

Our dinner tonight was at Restaurant Wong Solo.. I didn't have any idea what kind of food they serve. I got the idea of going there from Prof Dr Yang Farina (she mentioned about the restaurant in Facebook). I was quite shock at 1st for I never try any Indonesian Cuisine..pecel lele pun x tau rupa MySpace. We ordered pecel lele & ayam bakar set. Worth every penny. Sangat sedap!! We spent RM27.90 for the meals.


KA said...

yum--yumm--Yummy !

looks like ayam penyet style :)

MY said...

hehe.. best gak dear.. tapi xder la smpi nak addict..

LuN said...

sound yummy!
my, nnt dtg la sepang.
lun bwk mkn chicken chop terhebat kt cni
my blanje

KA said...

:) nak try nanti dear

MY said...

lun : emm.. nak g sepang cmner lun? haha.. rasanyer pernah smpi. tapi x ingat exact jln cmner..

dear : boleh boleh.. dtg cni dulu yer.. kat sana kena carik la kot..

Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

wong solo.? hehe. kat sini pown ade :p

antara yg sedap gak ;)
klu ayam bakar or ..ikar bakar diek not bad gak.hehe

MY said...

kema : ye eh..will try nanti.. tapi mmg layan la..

cinta_north2south said...

Dear MY,

Thank you for dropping by at my blog...

I never tried wong solo (err where is it located btw) but i have tried Restaurant Sari Ratu many times. I love most of masakan padang - born with javanese blood, masakan padang is very sinonim with my heritage. Perhaps you should try Restaurant Sari Ratu when you have time... :)

MY said...

dear cinta,

ur is located at bandar baru bangi.. it has another branches.. I don't remember where they are. Will definitely try the Restaurant Sari Ratu.. I read about it in ur blog.. sounds yummy.. haha.. baru bunyi.. belum rasa. not familiar with masakan Padang.. definitely will hv a go.


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