Friday, April 24, 2009

What do we need to do?

Just a ranting ..

What do we need to do when a friend..oopss.. a member.. at 1st was very excited to join the activities or any occasions, back out at the end.. I'm sure there are lots of this kind of people out there.. Should we just ignore them for the next activities? I did that.. huh.. X yah la just because you want to be part of it , u act like so sporting and (kononnyer) best!!

-p/s - plz pardon my ignorance.. huhu.. I define friends and members differently.


cikin said...

ilek kak my.
nnt kite bwt activity same2.

MY said...

haha..thankz ckin..
I really need to calm down myself..
Be myself back..

zafirah alias said...

biasa lah tu. some people just wanna feel accepted by the crowds. they don't wanna be left alone. they don't want people to see them as a pathetic sad loser human being. hehe.

LuN said...

uish.. jgn ignore wehh..
lun slalu je mcm tuh. hahahha.
kunun2 nk join, plan x hengat. but at last end up different story.
terasa mak, nyah..dgn entry kau nih.
btw my! bile nk midnite?
2 wiken neh mmg xley, but if weekdays might b ok

MY said...

wan : kan.. it's not so bad to be left alone. there are times I believe. bukannyer kita nak kata dier loser ke aper..haih.. wat tensi org lain ja.

loone : haha.. ang nie. tapi ak rasa sometimes tgk org kot. mcm ak ajak midnite straight away ang ckp x boleh.. ok la cmtue. xdak la beriya 'jom jom' then duk kata bz.. tu mmg nak kena la.


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