Thursday, April 2, 2009

Perfume warehouse sale @ Corus Hotel


-sis Ita n sis Ida yg sangat sporting-

Mrs Kuhaam.. we helped each other during the queue..haha..

-pic at queuing time-

Pheww..what a day.. we arrived there around 11 am.. then started queuing at 12.30.. reached the cashier at 2.30pm.. hoho... sgt la penat.. I bought Esprit for her and also for my brothers each. Luckily I only have 2 younger brothers.. if not, confirm pokai. Then plus ader sis kirim.. so, nampak banyak la sket beli.. haha.. We met some new friends, which was really fun. yer la.. queue for 2h nothing to do mmg bosan la.. huhu.

Then an incident happen. A guy happen to be one of our friend try to cut queue. When people ask, are u queuing here, then dengan slumber dier ckp 'Yes, my friend is there.' .. daa.. Haih.. should be ashame of himself. Initially we had rejected his request to cut in queue in a very loud voice we said "tak boleh tak boleh''. Of course la kan.. Eventually, he asked other person to pay. Maybe because he noticed that we didn't respond or made any conversations with him anymore.


theQueen said...

haha..sakan shopping nmpk
gile tabah queue XD

LuN said...

gile bapak lama q!

MY said...

yer.. rakan-rakan ku.. haha..nasib la bawak 3 org lagik.. last time lagik teruk q.. berdua je, ko tgk muka ak,ak tgk muka ko.. huhu


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