Friday, April 10, 2009

Fast & Furious 4..Superb!

Finally got the chance to watch Fast & Furious 4.. Totally superb. We went to watch the midnight show at Alamanda. Kinda funny (that's what I think) when the title is translated into - Pantas & Garang 4. I even wonder what Han is doing in the movie since I thought he had died in a car crash in the previous sequel. The intro is very overwhelming. So is the ending.. Really hope there will be a next sequel. I really would say this is a 5/5 stars movie. Well for me at least.

p/s- My head is still spinning after barely of 2 hours sleep. Hope today brings plenty of pleasure. wink (^.^)v.. Really can't wait for tonight port luck.. Yay..


zzkang said...

should be cepat dan marah...hehe

IMO...this movie still lack of something... :D

MY said...

lack of what liew? hmm.. that's interesting to know..

zzkang said...

hmm...dunno how to describe...just lack of little 'uhm'...hehe

not as exciting as i thought...


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