Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic

Release Date 26 March 2009
Director P.J. Hogan
Cast Isla Fisher, Joan Cusack, Krysten Ritter, Hugh Dancy

It is an awesomely hilarious movie.. Isla Fisher really portray Becky Bloomwood significantly. Although I found some of the shopping senses stuffs a bit ridiculous, but still maybe there are this kind of people out there. Hugh Dancy in this movie caught my attention.. Oh dear.. I really love when a guy talks in British accent. How romantic he is in the movie. There are so many scenes in the show which are really hysterically hilarious. The dancing scene.. the part where she introduces Alicia as a prostitute in Finnish..

-4/5.. for fun!! MySpace


theQueen said...

oh yeah..laki ckp accent british sgt sexy *drool*
hoho..isk sume laki ak knal
sape la nk ikot tgk citer nih :P

MY said...

haha.. ak sanggup ikut klu nak tgk lagik..
can't keep my eyes away from hugh dancy everytime he spoke even his accent is not as deep as hugh grant or beckham.. but still.. sgt la best..

panda said...

i like the guy..
very cool..

MY said...

meg : totally..sgt cool.. couldn't agree more.


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