Saturday, April 4, 2009

Annoying conversation @ Clinic

This morning I went to fix my braces. The clinic was quite occupied. There were like 3 families waiting for their turn. Only 2 families were chit-chatting as I was alone and the third family only a boy & his father, who remain silent.

Characters : Preggie lady & a widow with her children (in this case only her daughter took part).. I knew that she is a widow because she kept mentioning the word 'the late father'.

Ok. To cut it short, I'll just start the annoying conversation nowhere as only this part took my ears to listen.

Widow: Seluar tue yg putih tue..mahal tue..Rm100 camtue. Short skirt saja dah RM70.
Preggie: Brand ker?
Widow: A'a. Ada brand aa tue.
Preggie: Naper tak tgk kat Giant ja. Murah sket.
Widow: Takda brand tak cantik la...(sambil wat gaya gedik nak mampus-goyang2 kaki lagik)
Then the daughter interrupted..
Daughter: Ma, nak handphone baru. Cybershot nya. C (the model-I can't recall).. Best!! (& bla bla)..
Widow: Nie lah.. Anak yatim tak sedar diri (repeated twice).

At that point, I was kinda shocked.. hmm.. whose fault to begin with.. Didn't the mother notice anything? I was saved by the bell when my name was called. The conversation was really brief as I did't really pay attention.


zafirah alias said...

Douche bags are always like that.

MY said...

douche bag - people who don't even know what are they talking about..

oo okies.. thankz for the explanation.. haha.. I hope me myself won't be like that..


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