Monday, March 9, 2009

Tag by TheQueen - 10 things ..

Since I'm the lovable girl, I am more than willing to do the tag.. MySpace

~10 Things about the tagger..TheQueen a.k.a Huda

1. addicted to games (since dah abih study lagik aktif kot)
2. eat a lot.. not a glutton rasanya (ang x smpi tahap tue kan?)
3. gaining weight now.. b4 this, she can eat a LOT but still remain slim and steady!!
taller than me (I am short obviously)
5. out spoken.. no simpan simpan sgt
relax and carefree (sometimes got her panic moment gak)
bersiap dengan cepat sangat time nak kuar
8. like karaoke
9. sangat senang shopping (she doesn't take much time to pick stuffs)
10. like to talk and be quiet at the same time

~10 things about myself? Hmm..

1. getting fat? uwaaaaaa
2. lurrvvve to eat (that's why...oooo)
3. talkative (except when I am not in a good mood..who does not?)
4. like to shop (if I was a rich girl..lalalalalala)
5. picky about some stuffs..
6. love to watch movies
7. sometimes malas sometimes rajin (that's general)
8. I walk fast
9. like to be pampered (again!who does not!!)
10. Last but not least, I am back with my old regime of eating..

~10 next persons to be tagged - no need lah yer..


theQueen said...

You are

1. Memang tak berenti cakap which is sangat bagus sebab takkan dengar bunyi silent when you're around :)

2. Tahap kesabaran yang tinggi bile shopping sebab mampu berjalan merata2 pegi survey :P

3. Budget hunter yang sangat sharp =_=' apa2 saje yang melibatkan duit eg. tak semestinya shopping

4. Tak waste time. Ade je la benda dier buat.. boleh pening tgk @_@

5. A fast driver but not hazardous like i can be >:D

6. Everything about you is homely and cozy - your car, your room etc :) that i wont feel awkward around you.

7. Oh..sangat people person. Orang paling senang aku nak bawak jumpa sape2 pn.

8. Sangat tak berkira. God knows how many times I use your stuffs X_X

9. Sebab you're bend by the rules, god forbid if u let me wear my tee and jeans for conference and other formal occasion :P

10. you are a rainbow. because u light up the anyone's day with your colorful self :)

theQueen said...

wargh..camne ko add benda comel tuhh?? *mata bersinar2*

MY said...

sweet nyer..haha.. flattered abis nie..haha..yg tue ko cari kat yg ak tau jer lah..


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