Sunday, March 1, 2009

Street Fighter:The Legend of Chun-Li

Release Date 26 February 2009
Language English
Classification 18PL
Director Andrzej Bartkowiak
Cast Kristin Kreuk, Michael Clarke Duncan, Neal McDonough, Taboo, Chris Klein, Moon Bloodgood, Edmund Chen, Cheng Pei Pei, Josie Ho, Robin Shou.

Her strength. Her fury. Her vengeance. Will become legend.

Adapted from the famous series of fighting video games by Capcom, "Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun Li" focuses its story on the undercover Interpol agent, female fighter Chun-Li as she falls in the quest of finding justice after she found out that her father is murdered in front of her eyes. The movie was shoot in numerous locations include Bangkok, Thailand, Hong Kong and Vancouver.

(Source: RAM Entertainment Sdn. Bhd.)

There is 1 scene where Thailand people threw durians at Balrog and his bad partners..the audiences did fine that scene amusing since everybody was laughing. The fighting scenes are good. I'm not sure how others think, but I find this movie quite interesting. It's the 1st time to watch Kristin Kreuk with martial arts. Not bad..Taboo did took part as Vega (small part though).I believe there will be sequence since in the end Gen mentioned about street fighter competition and Ryu from Japan.


4 comments: said...

ruginye tak p...
best ke cite tu???

MY said...

not bad la..

Mohd Hafizd said...

waa...tgh tgk pembikinan cerita neh kt astro ria..mcm best jek..hehe

MY said...

pit ya..ok la cita nie..not bad for the stunt..even chun li dlm cita nie tak bermuscle like the one in the game..rambut pun x wat cm tue..kat club ja dia wat rambut versi chun li.huhu


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