Wednesday, March 18, 2009

PORCE @ Palm Garden Hotel

-us-Frm left: Chai Lee Lee, Kak Noreen, Biha, Kak Rohaya n My-

-Mr. Liew-

Date : 16 March 2009
Venue : Palm Garden Hotel, IOI Resort, Putrajaya

2 talks had been given during this seminar which are :
- 'Towards Internationalisation' by Prof. Dr. Yang Farina Abdul Aziz, UKM.
A very great talk.. Really admire her for her communication skill and style.
-'Polymers in Industry' by Dr. Ng Chee Mang from Penchem Technologies Sdn. Bhd.
His talk is on LED encapsulation. Now I found that LED is very interesting with lots of advantages.


theQueen said...

tsk2..sakan ke conference.
bile lagi nk presnt? :P

MY said...

nie seminar ja..xda present dah kot lepas nie..tunggu kolokium ja.. postgrad kena attend .


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