Monday, March 23, 2009

Back From Pangkor Trip..Safe from Mr.Pacat !!

Everyone!! I am back from my awesome Pangkor camping trip.. Nico, ak selamat yer from Mr.Pacat.. all the scary parts, alhamdulillah I manage to avoid them excluding the night walk which at 1st I was really scared but then when I had the courage the heavy rain and thunder came..So, I didn't get to take part.. Lots of event happened..haha.. 2 kayak karam!!.. hmm.. Then everyone got thrown into the water.. haha..The snorkeling was very exciting.. but then gamat spoiled my fun.. geli la takut terpijak gamat.. thanks for those especially IGoen , who helped me during the snorkeling MySpace.. I became one of the parasites (according to Jihan, she is one as well). Pics will be updated later.. A series of Thankz will be posted later..


theQueen said...

hahha..bgus le..
yg penting ko enjoy gi sane :3

didieadila said...

sgt bes!!!!

MY said...

yer didi..sgt best.. x sabar nak upload pic..untung sgt dpt g join korang..


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