Sunday, February 1, 2009

Underworld:Rise of The Lycans

Release Date 22 January 2009
Classification 18SG
Genre Action, Horror
Director Patrick Tatopoulos Cast Michael Sheen, Bill Nighy, Rhona Mitra, Shane Brolly

Lucian (Lycan werewolf) is joined by his secret lover, the beautiful vampire Sonja (Rhona Mitra), in his battle to free the Lycans from their brutal enslavement. It started when a female werewolf, captive in the Vampire stronghold, gave birth to a seemingly human child. This was Lucian (Michael Sheen) - the first Lycan, born into slavery in the house of Viktor (Bill Nighy), the powerful Vampire leader. Unlike "William's Kind", the original werewolves, this Lycan was able to take the form of either man or beast at will. Lucian's bloodline was used by Viktor to create new breed of slaves, as laborers and guards during the daylight hours, and prevented from transforming by the silver-spiked moonshackles kept locked around their necks.

Unknown to her father, Sonja has fallen in love with Lucian, now a skilled blacksmith and weapons-maker in the Vampire castle. When Lucian reveals that he has found a way to remove his moonshackle and gain his freedom, Viktor resolves to destroy him. In a thrilling sequence, Lucian manages rally the other Lycans and escape from the Vampire dungeons - with Sonja's help. Lucian assembles a ragtag army of escaped Lycans, slaves and werewolves, returning to challenge Vampire rule and rescue Sonja. The attack and its aftermath ignite an all-out war that will burn between the races for centuries to come.


The vampire in this movie is different from the Twilight because the vampires in here will vanish and die when they are exposed to the sunlight. That's how Sonja died. All the vampires were killed except Tannis and Viktor who managed to escape by boat and stay in the coffin.

-did not amuse me much 3/5 (***--)


star_plateena said...

rajin tul ang naip blognyer...
aku dah tengok citer nih...
tp x sehebat underworld 1 & 2...

MY said...

a'a..biasa ja la..huhu


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