Monday, February 16, 2009

Bunkface The Best!!

Juz got back from watching Bunkface.. Here, @ kolej Keris Mas (UKM), they had a 'Battle of The Band' event which I believe is held every year. Probably at different colleges everytime. This time they had Bunkface as the invited artiste.. woohoo..awesome. never thought I'll get the chance to see them performing live. These youngsters are so cute.. wink wink.. I did buy their cd which costs me RM10.. I know I know.. I always download songs from the internet but then this one might be my so-called 1st attempt of supporting the Bunkface.. Btw thankz to the bros for allowing me to take xtra stickers.. haha..The performance was superb. No cacat at all. I hardly know the 1st 3 songs they sang. Only got to catch up the last 2 songs - Silly Lilly & Situasi. It's nice of them to sing 1 extra song in the end. Thank you so much.. You guys rock!!


LuN said...

heheh. itu lah En. Selangor saye. *wink*.
btw, went to UKM las wik but lupa nk habaq. kalo dak ley jmpak, kan? will let u noe earlier if nk p sana lg.

MY said...

okies.. next time perhaps..

theQueen said...

waaa..sungguh jeles >.<

MY said...

jeles apa nico?


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