Thursday, February 12, 2009

BBQ @ Prof's Mansion..

Date : 070209
Venue : Prof's house @ Kajang
Event : BBQ

My bro & I arrived @ Prof's house around 3pm. The others were there already. We started preparing the dishes. I made the mushroom soup (woohooo)- not the instant packet yer. Homemade mummy.. wink..But then of course we made it using Prof's recipe. I never thought the mushroom soup can be done easily. silly me.. Shideh (from Iran,the one who made the pudding) was in charge of pasta salad. The bread was also Prof's recipe. The watermelon was sliced like ice cream-easy to be eaten (according to Kak Rohaya). It was fun doing all that with all the labmates. We started bbq'ing the chicken around 5pm. Liew & my bro worked hard all the evening.. way to go boys!!


star_plateena said...

U know how to cook...
It's a dream???

MY said...

mushroom soup la.. tue kira masak ke? huhu..ak masih x reti..


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