Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Zero knowledge about my car

I'm going back for CNY holiday this Friday (yayyyyyyy..) I'm worried my about my cute car.. takut la kan tetiba meragam tgh jalan ke.. hopefully not because her owner has zero knowledge about the car.. this morning I tried to check her.. Normal stuffs like minyak hitam, air bateri emmmm others (perhaps?).. uhuk uhuk.. bila bukak bonet ja, nak tgk apa pun tak tau.. sedey la.. this is not the 1st time.. my dad did teach me how to check all that stuffs, but to avail I never try to memorise all that. Eh. I did try, but then maybe I am lack of practical. Ingat gak dulu nak bukak bonet pun x tau nak kena tarik button maner.. waa.. had to call my bro..

So, this morning I called the Perodua service centre to ask for a walk in service. I arrived there around 9.15 am and left @ 10.30 am. They only add the 'air bateri' with total charge RM2.70. Kalau report kat my mum mesti kena gelak. Then I went to search for car wash. Sadly I couldn't find one. My car dah x nampak rupa pun. This afternoon I'll go find one again.

update - car shiny shiny odi..


Hafizd said...

mne gmbo shiny2 car tuh~

MY said...

emm.. nnt diupdate..


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