Friday, January 30, 2009

Thai Reflexology @ Village Mall,SP

Thai Reflexology @ Village Mall

Me, my mum n dad went to the Thai Reflexology located @ Village Mall here in Sg.Petani right after my mum finished her work.. I hv always wanted to try Thai reflexology stuffs and the massage as well. I never had any courage to go alone (if it is my 1st time), so I always tag along my friends (you know who you are..haha).. My dear is one of my major victim of course. My bro as well but only for certain occasion.. In this case, my mum n dad lah.. I picked the foot massage while my mum n dad picked body+ foot massage for 1 hour. Each of it cost RM38. I'm not sure if there is any cheaper @ another place. My mum was reluctant at 1st. It had been like 10th times I asked her to go try the reflexology because she always complain about her back pain. Finally, hehe.. Yesterday Huda n I went to Body Revolution (beside Old Town White Coffee) to survey the place.

- The prices for both places are not much different.
- The Body Revolution is more privacy (because u hv to take off ur cloth)
- If u can speak Mandarin, u won't hv prob @ Body Revolution since the workers r from China. Communication breakdown for me becoz their English is so weak. At Thai Reflexology, the communication is better. Ok la if they can speak like '2 persons?', '1 hour, 2 hour', ' can can' etc. They are from Thailand. Some of them had lived @ Jeniang (Kedah yer)
- Thai Reflexology only have female workers (initially I did not allow my dad to get the body massage.. but then no nudity over there so OK la..haha..).. However @ Body Revolution they have male workers.. of course la kan kalau dah nak kena bukak baju..
- Body Revolution is more privacy than Thai Reflexology but they do take good care of you.

My mum and dad was very satisfied. I think after this they won't wait for me..huhu.


zafirah alias said...

wow cambest jek.

MY said...

yer giler

::tHe sHaDoW:: said...

Hi did the Body Revolution also in Village Mall?


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