Monday, January 19, 2009

Maut - huhu..

I watched this movie @ Alamanda.. not proud .. just as I expected.. not that good even though some of the scenes quite scary and terrifying.. especially the one 'like in hell'.. but then it really gives you a great awareness.. My friend even said watching this movie like flipping through Mastika. A waste of RM9 for the movie.. The stories are straight forward and very simple. For people who read this, please don't watch this movie.. (huhu..jadi jahat not promoting the local movie)

Story 1:
On the way home, university student, Su notices another girl (Fadilah) on the bus. An eerie feeling accompanies Su on the bus. She reaches home, still feeling the cold cutting through her bones. Later that night, a soaking wet girl knocks on her door, asking for help. She needed a place to stay for the night as her bag has been stolen. Feeling pity, Su lets her stay and the girl sleeps soundly. The next morning, she is gone. The girl was found dead @ the Christian cemetery..

Story 2:
Farah is a stewardess who is living her life to the fullest - drugs, sex and alcohol. She then marries her long-time boyfriend, a foreigner, who converted for love, or more appropriately…for lust. Does her married successful? Not at first but at last after she had nightmares and being 'tortured' by God for her wrong doings, she turned into a new leaf.

Story 3:
A young man, JJ, forgets his roots and his religion. Tattoos on his body, black metal blaring on his stereo and free sex a regular practice; he is the son who has crushed his mother’s heart. On his way back from an illegal black metal concert, JJ and his friends got involved in an accident and JJ has a serious injury. JJ is safe at first but eventually he died. The grave doesn't accept him.

(Source: Golden Screen Cinemas Sdn. Bhd.)

-1/5 (*----)


zafirah alias said...

bukan jahat mai. bagi pengajaran kat semua pengarah2 kat malaysia ni supaya buat extensive research skit bila nak buat muvi. hehe

MY said...

haih.. confuse jap ak.. most actress ckp slow ja.. xda nada mmg style tue?..

Anonymous said...

1 star ja??
huh.. aku gelak smpai naik muscle perut aku yg boroi ni..
muvi melayu standard cmtu la..
tp xleh salahkn industri perfileman gak..sbb ramai yg cetak rompak.. bila jd cmtu, bajet utk buat filem pn sikit ja... filem bajet murah camana nk bagus..
so, salahkan la mentaliti org melayu..

p/s: aku pn sama la.. illegal download.. :P haha!


MY said...

xpa. in that case..ak sokong ang la mandel..

Anonymous said...

ooo.. slalunya x sokong la?
alangkah sedihnya.. hatiku..
param param..



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