Monday, January 26, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year

Very tired..just came back from visiting my grandparents.. 1st in the morning we went of to Ipoh then Penang.. The journey was fine until..This is the tiring part. The traffic jam begins before entering the bridge (before the toll).. Can you imagine from the junction is 1 lane-then become 2 lanes (illegally) -- then until toll, separated into plaza A & B. The total lane is 11 lane (if I'm not mistaken) -- then become 2 lanes again to accross the bridge.. It took ~40 minutes just to pass the toll.. even the smart tag also cannot do any miracle. I wonder whose brain behind the existence of the loads of tolls.. so clever.. I'm not sure whether my theory is correct or not. or maybe the tolls do ease the traffic jam. but before the so-called existence of the merry tolls the traffic was not that bad. Haih..

-Wishing Happy New Year to all of you..-


theQueen said...

hahhaha. terbayang2 muka ko sure tak tenang duduk dlm kete :p
gong xi fa cai! sronok mkn besar?

MY said...

tak jugak.. ak tdo ja byk during the journey.. x g pun..mak ak wat makan kat umah..

LuN said...

hows ur CNY celebration? wahhh..beshnye merase sambut CNY. next year jmput p umah ur grandparents eh

MY said...

hehe..just nice loone.. tahun nie x dpt tgk lion dance lagik..sedey..dulu takut sgt..skang dah ok x dpt tgk lak..


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