Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cupcake by Cuppiwink

The chocolate aura is so good... didn't get to eat yet.. I'll eat them tonight... yosh.. The 8 cuppies cost Rm16. The theme is as requested by me - the twin tower KLCC & smiley.. nothing in particular. You can visit Cuppiwink for more info.. going out now..chiao.. later update about the cuppies..

Okies.. the update.. the cuppies are so nice, fluffy fluffy.. even after I put them in the fridge the texture still like sponge-y sponge-y.. I'm not sure with the sponge-y spelling (that was Huda's idea).. haha.. She also complimented the cute cuppies.. My dear also approved the cuppies. My bro xdan nak bagi lak.. I started with the 'Hi' cuppy.. Yummy.. おいしいかった です。The cuppywink madam works @ Bangi, so it makes the order easier to me as she can deliver the cuppies to UKM. My classmate order the CNY set. She's going to get that by Wednesday. Let's wait for her comment.. Conclusion - I am happy and satisfied with the cute cuppies.. wink (^.^)v


zafirah alias said...

yummy!!!!!!!!!! cuppicakes!

feiling said... was the taste?i order tat Chinese New Year set ord..haha will get it next week..

MY said...

sedap fei ling...sedap sangat..very nice..fluffy fluffy.. I might order the cny set as well.. haha..

Anonymous said...

thank you so much for your order n compliment! 1st time doing the KLCC design.. very the cacat.. tot u work with Petronas :P neways, sila lah order lagi.. heee.. :P 本当にありがとうtake care!

MY said... bf yang keja kat petronas.. tue mcm untuk dier la..

Anonymous said...

aiseh, dh bf kja kt petronas, pegi mkn plak menara tu..
pasni dia nk keja kt mana plak?
kesian dia..


MY said...

haha..pehnie x tau la mana dia keja.


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