Sunday, January 25, 2009

The arrival of New MOON!!

I thought it's going to be like a century to wait for the special order to arrive @ the Kinokuniya.. then I receive a sms : 'Kinokuniya CS:Please come & collect "New Moon" at reservation counter within 3 days.Tq.'.. woohooo.. I just placed the order one week ago. So now I have to wait for the 'Breaking Dawn' since I already have Twilight & Eclipse. I've been searching (not so many places) only at Kinokuniya KLCC (Twilight here), Borders The Gardens (only hv Twilight) & MPH Midvalley (I grab Eclipse here) n Alamanda (none at all). Knowing that the books are out of stock mostly everywhere---I gave up (pity my bro & my dear have to follow me just to find the books). But then my bro once again bought another Jamie Oliver book same price as the previous one only at MPH they have 30% dicount. Finally I went back to online order, relying to the internet and no need to curse some sick drivers and the traffic jam. So, I placed the special order here (with no surcharge) for the New Moon and Breaking Dawn. My dear is going to pick up the book this Wednesday, since he is nearby to the Kino during the day.. wink (^.^)v


theQueen said...

hahha. bagus2.
aku yang tengok saje pon rasa penat.
lagi pulak la hang :P

MY said...

haha..x sabaq nak balut nie..


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