Sunday, December 28, 2008

Transformers awesome

I just finished watching Transformers at HBO today for the (emm...????) 12th times I think.. during the holiday at home HBO had been repeatedly showed the movie on screen.. In the end the Transformers is the most awesome movie I had ever watched.. Watching the Autobots transform each time just amazed me.. moreover if they perform the transformation on the move.. with the sounds and everything.. The way Optimus Prime announced his arrival was so macho.. haha.. Can't wait for the sequel Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. It is expected to be released in June, 2009..

I give 5/5 (*****)


Anonymous said...

yeah!! starscream rocks!!
aku suka btui mamat tu..
kpd sapa2 yg lyn kartun transformers, msti tau prangai dia cmana..
hahahaha!! slalu nk overtake megatron, pstu slalu kna tembak..
tp.. dlm muvie ni.. bila transform, proses dia rumit sgt la..mlampau2.. buat simple2 dh la..
hero tu time blakon dlm eagle eye, mmg sempoi..


Hafizatul Akmar Hussin said...

hehe- my..citer ni tgk kt cinema besh giler..sound die..bergegar..keh3

MY said...

yer..eagle eye mmg sempoi la..tapi cam merapu kadang2 pun ada gak..bila cm x logik sgt..

MY said...

yer bangat..mmg historic la.kat cinema lama gak la tayang..lagik lama dari chipmunk kot.

syarina said...

hi my! I really like this movie too. I've just watched it agan on HBO for the 3rd time and I'm still not bored :D

p/s: my, mcm mana nak letak comments section ni? kat setting?

MY said...

emm..xsure la..try men2 kat setting tue..baca ur comment baru perasan your blog takdak comment section..

Anonymous said...

x prasan plak muvie ni dpt 5/5 star..


MY said...

hehe..mesti la mandel..


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