Thursday, December 4, 2008

Solid State COnfeRence 301108-021208

With Aina, Dayah and Huda..(mini reunion)

8.30 -8.45 am : My presentation ..huhu..splendid (angkat bakul sendiri)..But then I think I was very nervous and I finished my presentation in 7 minutes for 23 to huda (after this kena address huda lah)..she had been timing for me..only got one question from the chairperson..haih..rasa cam frust pun ada..penat la study..tapi ok la..huhu..I did it!!
10:30 am : we went for coffee break..kuih aper tah (putih kat bawah hijau kat atas) sangat la masin..I wonder garam turun harga ka..huhu..
10.45 am : Tiara 1 got keynote lecture..Prof Taro Toyoda from Japan (I think if he talked in Japanese would be much better-even x faham la) then Prof Shu-Yi Zhang from China (like listening to the lecture)..Love wave caught ours' attention..haha..
12.45 - 02.00 pm - Lunch break..luckily the food was ok (noted just OK). We went to lepak at Aina's room..
02.00 - 05.00 pm - listened to the presentations from other participants..

08.00 - 10.15 pm- Dinner at Tiara ..VIP -YB Tuan Shamsulkahar Mohd Deli (ADUN Serting)..x kenal pun..salute to him..he was very punctual..shame for those who were not being punctual..biasala kan..we always thought vip nie x punctual ..


Anonymous said...


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MY said...

Master Liew...ur friend?I have no idea la all these stuffs that he mentioned..huhu

LuN said...

uiks..korg g cnference ape nih?
mini reunion

MY said...

solid state nyer jemputan khas..dayah from utm..


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