Sunday, November 2, 2008

Penang trip..

Yesterday mummy, me and Yasir (my youngest bro) went to Penang..It kinda a bit longer journey bcoz we need to fetch yasir 1st at Arau Matriculation..Wish he was at Penang or maybe Changloon..huhu..nearer..We board the ferry to the island..The fare now is rm7.70..Last time was rm7 I suppose..really a long time didn't take the ferry..1st we head to Glory home to meet grandpa..My aunty Marina and grandma went to Tanjung Bungah to have a massage..We wait for like an hour then my mum suggested we went back home or to Gurney Plaza..Then out of sudden Aunty Marina called and asked to meet somewhere..We ended up meeting at the beach side of the Gurney Drive..It was like 3 or 4 years (or maybe more) we didn't see Aunty Marina and his son becoz they seldom come back to Malaysia since they are staying in England..Her son Oliver was the only one who came along this time..Henry the eldest son cannot leave the school..We renew the parking ticket for 2 times..haha..the ticket collecter was like "dah lebih la"..then renew jer lah kan..isk2..Then after around 1 hour we went back home..Luckily it was not raining that day..just for a while in the noon.Dinner is on mummy since she wanted to eat at Chicken Rice Shop.It's not my favourite though..still ok..

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